Extended Warranty

Servicing & Spare Parts


Servicing prices:

  •  Wheelchairs from £36.00
  •  Boot size Scooter from £55.00
  •  Pavement (4mph) Scooter from £65.00
  •  Road (8mph) Scooter from £75.00
  •  Power-chairs - car trans from £75.00
  •  Power-chair - £105.00
  •  Lithium Scooter - £75.00
  •  Cabin Car - £125.00
  •  Quingo - any Model - £100.00

All scooters/power-chairs are brought back to our workshop so we can perform a full discharge battery test. All servicing takes place at our purpose built on site workshop. We will give customers a fully comprehensive print out of how their batteries are performing.

Prices include collection and delivery within a 10 mile radius of shop booking service.

You will receive:

  • Full Mobility Scooter/Power-chair service sheet
  • 2 Battery test reports
  • Cleaned scooter/powerchair


 Check condition of tyres

 Check and adjust tyre pressures

 Check rear safety casters

 Remove wheels and grease shafts

 Check and tighten wheel nuts

 Check free-wheel mechanism

 Check and adjust brakes

 Check chassis and lubricate release mechanism

 Check/adjust and lubricate steering column

 Check steering column comfort adjust mechanism

 Check/adjust and lubricate steering track rods

 Check/adjust and lubricate suspension

 Remove seat, check pole mount and grease pole

 Check and lubricate swivel, recline and forward/back

To book a service please call your local store.

Bourton-on-the-Water - 01451 810088

Swindon - 01793 701313

Wroughton - 01793 815083

Marlborough - 01672 511550



Full battery discharge test with print out

 Check charger output

 Tighten battery connections

 Check fuses

 Check safety cut-out

 Check general condition of all cables and shrouds

 Check motor brushes

 Check forward reverse levers

 Check speed adjuster

 Check ignition switch and lubricate 

 Check horn

 Check lights

 Check indicators and hazards

 Road test